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Creative educational activities for students, teachers and parents offered through mobile touch devices, online media, and paperback books.

Coming Soon!! FREE professional development training for students and business professionals through a unique instructor-led 40-hour online course.

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Creative Mobile Activities

Mobile applications include creative business and leisure games, as well as a variety of educational word game activities for your mobile devices.

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Creative Learning Activities

Educational and entertaining word games and activities in English and Spanish are available online for ages 8 and older. Just sign up and play.

Coming soon. Agile scrum online course

Agile Scrum Training

A unique experience offers a 40-hour online course with complete immersion into the Agile Scrum Framework, its tools and techniques.

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Kalext Productions, LLc presents a unique, unparalleled approach to educational entertainment. Our mission is to foster an environment of enjoyment, while delivering a truly extraordinary creative learning experience. The idea of learning with game activities is not new. However, in this dimension, the concept of interactive, audio-visual learning has been elevated to an entirely new level in the educational-entertainment arena.
Here, at we offer an exciting and entertaining learning experience for online students, remote students, home-schoolers, business professionals, parents, and teachers. Most importantly, we provide online creative learning activities for children 8 years and older in English and in Spanish.

At, we make learning a fun-filled experience. This you will discover as you enter a paradigm of excellence in learning through creative educational games and activities.

Agile Scrum and Linear Waterfall PM
Multiple-choice quizzes and discussions

Now available at the AppStore for the iPad

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